Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Drinks to drink when you feel the flu coming!

1.) Honey Milk.
Take a glass of hot milk and add a table spoon of honey to it. The milk and honey should help calm your throat when it's sore.

2.) Ginger Tea
Here you can use any tea of your choice, preferably rooibos tea. Then you can just add a few pieces of freshly chopped ginger and a squeeze of lemon. Last but not least, add a table spoon of honey to give it some sweetness and help soothe your throat again :)

3.) Apple Ginger Flu Shot
Now you need a juicer. Juice one apple with a big chunk of ginger. Combine it and chug it down.  It will burn your throat if you put in a lot of ginger, which is a good sign, because it burns all the bacteria in your throat and helps to strengthen your immun system. :)

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