Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for children. Your body needs this boost of vitamins and energy in the morning, to be able to jump into the day, full of energy and full concentration! :D Here are some simple and healthy breakfast ideas:

1.Fruit, yoghurt and granola parfait: All you need for this simple breakfast is chopped up fresh fruit, yoghurt, granola and a glass/bowl. The only thing you have to do is layer these ingredients on top of each other in the glass and voila, you have a parfait!

2. 2 ingredient Banana Pancakes: Mash up one ripe banana, until it turns into a gooey like consistency, add two eggs and mix it. Now, just use the mix like an ordinary pancake mix and form your pancakes. If you want, you can add honey or syrup over the finished pancakes, for more flavour.

3. Egg sandwich: Toast two slices of bread and spread avocado over them. Fry an egg and flip it, so that the yolk of the egg is hard and put it on the toast. Then add tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and whatever else you like. Close the sandwich with the other toast and you're done. A yummy, healthy and easy breakfast.

4. Green smoothie: You can never go wrong with a green smoothie. Just find a few veggies and fruits to throw into your smoothie mixer. You can basically throw in anything you want, but here is a nice recipe: 1 apple, 1 banana, berries, spinach and a little bit of juice or water, to thin up the smoothie.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Beauty uses of coconut oil!

Coconut oil can be used for a lot of things, especially for beauty uses and skincare. Here are a few things, coconut oil can be used for:

1. "Shaving cream": You can use coconut oil to shave your legs or underarms. Shaving cream can be expensive and it is full of chemicals. Why not use this natural product? All you need to do, is wet your legs, apply the coconut oil and shave just as usual. Plus, the oil has skin-soothing properties and will let your legs look hydrated.

2. Cheek bone highlighter: Coconut oil can be used as a natural cheek bone highlighter, just warm up a small amount of the oil with your fingers and dab it onto your cheekbones, over you’re the rest of your makeup.

3. Hair deep-conditioner: A lot of conditioners contain coconut oil, because it is a very gentle, natural and conditioning product. After showering, towel dry your hair and warm up as much coconut oil as you need to cover all of your hair and put on a shower cap. Leave it in your hair for a few hours (or sleep with it) and wash your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner. You will be left wit soft, shiny, silky and moisturized hair.

4. Makeup remover. Put some coconut oil onto a cotton ball and gently swipe it over your eye makeup. This will remove all of your makeup, even waterproof mascara!

5. "Lash growth serum": If you put coconut oil onto you eyelashes every night, they will stay moisturized after all those chemicals of the mascara and might even grow longer and thicker.

6. General skin moisturizer. After showering, you can just rub the oil onto you skin, and it will moisturize your skin wonderfully and your skin will feel so amazingly soft. The coconut oil will give your skin a natural glow, without looking greasy.

7. Oil pulling for whiter teeth: Warm up a tablespoon of coconut oil and swirl it in your mouth for about 20 minutes.(Sounds disgusting, needs some getting used to ;)) This will kill all germs and bacteria in your mouth, and after about two weeks, you should see a noticeable difference in the color of your teeth. They will be whiter and shinier.

8. Massage oil: If you warm the coconut oil up in the microwave, you can add a few drops of  your favourite essential oil and you have your perfect, own customised massage oil.

50 Facts About Me

1. I was born in Cape Town, 2000
2. My Birthday is on the 8th of August
3. I play the piano and flute
4. I love swimming and running
5. My favourite animal is a cat: I love pets <3
6. I don't have any pets, I am allergic.. :(
7. I have one older brother
8. My first name is Anna and my third name is Lisa
9. My favourite color is black
10. And white... :P
11. I don't have ear piercings
12. Or any other piercings
13. No tattoos
14. I want to study medicine
15. And become a reconstructive surgeon
16. I live with my parents, my brother is already studying
17. My favourite number is 8
18. I am a terrible singer
19. I love sharing and helping people
20. My favourite food is sushi
21. I love green tea
22. I'm a leo
23. I hate liars
24. I love to cook and bake
25. I just started a youtube channel
26. My friends and I will be doing:
27. DIY's, covers, dance choreography's, challenges etc.
28. I have a very sweet tooth
29. I love chocolate..and almost all sweet treats :D
30. I love photography and editing pictures, videos etc <3
31. I'm a morning person
32. The first thing on my bucket-list is skydiving!
33. My dad is German and my mom is Czech
34. But I am South African
35. I have brown eyes
36. And brown hair..boring, I know -_- I want red hair!
37. I'm 5'4''
38. I don't have or ever had any favourite celebs/singers/songs etc. That's just sad.
39. I like to compose my own music in my free time
40. I go to school
41. I don't drink any soda's, just water
42. I Love going out with my friends and shopping
43. I speak four languages, well, I am still busy learning two
44. They are: English, German, French and Afrikaans
45. This is my first blog post..
46. I can't draw -_-
47. I love the beach
48. One of my favourite shows is the Rocky Horror Picture Show
49. I am a christian
50. I love my life and I am grateful for everything <3