Tuesday, 20 October 2015

50 Facts About Me

1. I was born in Cape Town, 2000
2. My Birthday is on the 8th of August
3. I play the piano and flute
4. I love swimming and running
5. My favourite animal is a cat: I love pets <3
6. I don't have any pets, I am allergic.. :(
7. I have one older brother
8. My first name is Anna and my third name is Lisa
9. My favourite color is black
10. And white... :P
11. I don't have ear piercings
12. Or any other piercings
13. No tattoos
14. I want to study medicine
15. And become a reconstructive surgeon
16. I live with my parents, my brother is already studying
17. My favourite number is 8
18. I am a terrible singer
19. I love sharing and helping people
20. My favourite food is sushi
21. I love green tea
22. I'm a leo
23. I hate liars
24. I love to cook and bake
25. I just started a youtube channel
26. My friends and I will be doing:
27. DIY's, covers, dance choreography's, challenges etc.
28. I have a very sweet tooth
29. I love chocolate..and almost all sweet treats :D
30. I love photography and editing pictures, videos etc <3
31. I'm a morning person
32. The first thing on my bucket-list is skydiving!
33. My dad is German and my mom is Czech
34. But I am South African
35. I have brown eyes
36. And brown hair..boring, I know -_- I want red hair!
37. I'm 5'4''
38. I don't have or ever had any favourite celebs/singers/songs etc. That's just sad.
39. I like to compose my own music in my free time
40. I go to school
41. I don't drink any soda's, just water
42. I Love going out with my friends and shopping
43. I speak four languages, well, I am still busy learning two
44. They are: English, German, French and Afrikaans
45. This is my first blog post..
46. I can't draw -_-
47. I love the beach
48. One of my favourite shows is the Rocky Horror Picture Show
49. I am a christian
50. I love my life and I am grateful for everything <3

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